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Skin Conditions Helped by Neem

Skin Conditions Helped By Neem c3 - Skin Conditions Helped By Neem c14 - Skin Conditions Helped By Neem
Neem kills the bacteria that causes acne and reduces the associated inflammation.

Neem lotions kill the fungi that cause dandruff while lubricating the resulting dry skin.

Neem extracts are toxic to the herpes virus and can quickly heal cold sores.

Neem alleviates the intense itching of chickenpox, reduces pock formation & scarring.

Neem clears the skin of the fungus that causes ringworm in two to three days.

Neem extracts control Candida (yeast infection) and relieves the persistent itching caused by this fungus.

Neem powders and creams protect from and help heal the effects of diaper rash.

Neem balances melanin production and reduces patches of skin discolored by vitiligo.

Neem is an excellent wound healer that helps the body to rapidly create collagen fibers so close to wound.

Neem lotion reduces the “burn” of sunburn & will greatly reduce or eliminate peeling

The neem tree is the source of a number of patented extracts for the treatment of cancer.

Injections of neem extract around tumors showed remarkable reduction in size in just a few weeks.

Neem has repeatedly been shown to help fight skin cancer.

Many patients report that skin cancers have disappeared after several months of daily application of a need-based cream.

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Skin Conditions Helped By Neem
Skin Conditions Helped By Neem
Skin Conditions Helped By Neem
Skin Conditions Helped By Neem

Skin Conditions Helped By Neem

Skin Conditions Helped By Neem

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